World Indices to the multi-annual lows

The downturn in global stock markets seem to have no end. In the United States and Japan slipped the most important markets to new lows from. In Dax Eon shares back into the foreground.
Among the Asian markets are mixed in the morning set. While the stock exchanges in Hong Kong (up 3.1%) and South Korea (up 1.9%) recorded significant gains, the Nikkei ended trading up 0.4% in 7055 to minus points, on a 26-year low.

Dax in Focus
The Dax is in pre-3687 points and traded at the level of the Xetra closing price on Monday. On the American market is characterized by the false start on the weekly kick a slight recovery – the futures are about 0.7% higher estimates.

New hope for Deutsche Post: reportedly, the Law on the abolition of the tax privilege is no longer in this legislative period. This would bring the Dax Group VAT advantage in the wholesale business longer than previously expected.

The electricity company Eon Düsseldorfer gets the consequences of the economic crisis to be felt. The supplier cuts its forecast for the coming year and now counts with an adjusted profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) of eleven billion Euro. That refusal to Eon paragraphs lower than expected in the electricity and gas, the impact of regulation in energy, negative currency effects and lower profit contributions from new market units. A little more cautious is the Industry Leader for 2009: When adjusted EBIT of the energy group wants the level of 2008 and thus reach about 9.9 billion euros. Last year, the Group increased the revenues due to acquisitions significantly by 26% to 86.8 billion euros. Analysts had, however, only with a value of almost 79 billion euros.

Besides look at the values
Pleasing news come on the morning of EADS. The European aerospace group rose last year after minority interests of third parties to almost 1.6 billion euros after a loss of 446 million euros a year earlier. Analysts had around 300 million euros less calculated. Also, the shareholders can rejoice: The dividend will be reduced by two thirds to 20 cents per share to rise.

Schaeffler has reportedly plans for a merger of its automotive supply business with Continental’s being put on hold. “If you as the synergies without a major salvage operation may be charged by the organization is not in addition,” it said. The envisaged merger of the automotive division may therefore be delayed by several years.

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