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From secured solution with partial capital guarantee to the one-on-one participation – after Investors can Crash in Brazil, Russia, India and China first positions slowly rebuild.
The myth of “decoupling” has been in the financial crisis demystified. For years people said that emerging markets could have a crisis in the industrialized countries beyond. Instead, however, the stock markets of the big four, namely Brazil, Russia, India and China, far more crashes than the established markets.

One thing is clear: the Bric countries will also grow this year, unlike the U.S. and Europe. Once the global equity markets stabilize and sustained upward turn, the BRICs will shine again. Some papers could now be worth an investment – especially the BricX-Protect 90-Zertifikat DWS Go safe, where you in the worst case, a good ten percent loss of use.

The issuer is risk, because it is a collateralized bond. In addition, there is a guaranteed repayment of $ 90 per paper. Up one benefited as much as 90 percent in the development of the Conservative Index DWS BricX The II is composed of a stock component and a stability component. The weighting is based on the market situation.

The oligarchs hit particularly hard
But now to the individual markets. The growth of Brazil is expected in 2009, just over two percent decline. The Bovespa, which its top reached in May 2008, was until October, at 60 percent of crashes. The soil formation but makes a better impression than in Europe and the USA. So the odds are high that the support at 30,000 points permanently claimed. To continue with the discounters, the maximum yield of 22 percent, it is sufficient if the index in June 2010 for 25,000 meters recorded. Since there is no currency hedging, there are also changes in the Brazilian real to the euro affect the performance.

At worst, the crisis in Russia, where oligarchs billion-dollar losses have to cope. Angelika Mille Dorfer, Team Leader Emerging Markets Equities at Raiffeisen Capital Management, is convinced that the panic sales valuations far below fair value have dropped, especially as the support of the government does not have a deficit must be financed. 2009 Russia’s GDP is expected to only one to two percent. Much will depend on how the oil price develops.

Business investment in a not too much risk to take, should the entry into a deep discounter with Cap consider. Base index is the RDX-EUR, of his in May 2008 to October reached top by nearly 80 percent since November and nachgab within a range 560/825 points commutes. The entry is made with a discount of 56 percent. Records of RDX at the end of the 16-month period at least 400 meters, the paper by 54 percent. Since April 2003, the 500-level is no longer broken.

Chinese government wants to intervene
India’s growth is expected this year, five to six percent. The previously hochgehypte stock reached a year ago and its top fell to October by 66 percent. The sell-off low around 7700 points approached the last Sensex up again in 1000 to counter. Who wants to bet that the support holds, can only positions in the India-Top-Select-Zertifikat Deutsche Bank building. It includes nine Indian ADRs to default values, which on Wall Street are listed, that is traded in dollars.

Still around six to seven percent of likely 2009 Chinese GDP growth – but even this could be too little. Estimates are needed in China to grow by eight percent to a rise in unemployment to prevent. However, past crises have shown that the Chinese government is willing, with all available means to intervene.

Brave investors acquire a nearly two-year bonus to the paper Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI). The contains the most important 43 in China Hong Kong-traded shares and is its top in October 2007 up to 75 percent of crashes. From the low at 5000 points, the barometer again around 2000 meters solved.

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