What percentage of Americans read the newspaper today?

The recession of publishing gets a new dimension: the first time more Americans inform themselves on the net than in the newspaper. Media researchers are an ice-cold Diagnosis: debt was a “business model of the last century.”
The annual report on the situation of the media in the United States could be for the newspaper publishers hardly worse: 2008 informed the first time more Americans on the Internet than in the printed sheets. Messages are the U.S. citizens are more important and will remain in demand, however, are fewer and fewer people willing to pay. These are key findings from the U.S. media’s Annual Report 2009 of the prestigious Pew Research Institute in Washington.

On Tuesday for the sixth time in a row, presented annual report on the situation of the U.S. media was the “darkest yet,” wrote the researchers. 2009, for the U.S. newspaper industry but given the dramatic economic crisis, probably the “worst year ever, according to the forecast. Also magazines, radio and local television stations in the United States had suffered losses in 2008. The winner can be located beside the ISPs especially news channels feel.

‘Desperate attempt’

The attempt by publishers, on the Web absorb losses, the newspapers for years because of declining conditions and the decline in the advertising business to suffer, have, according to the study of “a desperate effort to develop”. The publishers have not yet found approach to the daily crisis to overcome, it dominated the business of the last century. ” To make money with news, you will traditional advertising will only partially the cost of quality journalism can cover. However, it was exaggerated by a death of traditional journalism to speak, in the light of the U.S. newspaper crisis, media commentators and experts had warned.

Because of the recession and the growing use of the Internet as a news source is the publishers’ less and less time … a new business to develop and secure financial future, “write the media researcher. In the past year increased the number of Americans who are on the Web on the top 50 news sites informed by 24 percent. 2007 was the increase is only about 8 percent. However, had revenue in 2008, the Web hardly risen.

Steadily declining print revenues

The circulation of U.S. newspapers fell again in 2008 to about 4.6 percent to a total daily circulation of around 48 million. The newspaper industry had 2008 of approx $ 38 billion (28.2 billion euros) implemented, with most publishers still have good profits, says the study. The profits of the newspaper houses but were up 14 per cent lower than 2007 and 23 percent lower than a year earlier.

By the end of 2009, the forecast of the independent institute that in 2001 one in four jobs in the newspaper’s editors have been lost. Solo 2008, the number of journalism jobs to around 5000, roughly ten percent. A boom in the news business have experienced only the news channels like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. The audience rose in a spectacular election year 2008 by 38 percent, the profits made by 33 percent.

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