Wall Street Catches Its Breath

Buoyed by capital gains from financial assets are the U.S. stock market friendly in the trade started. In addition to good news from the guidelines based British bank Barclays investors confident.
The Dow Jones rose by 1% to 7596 points. The S & P 500 gained 1.1% to 796 meters. The Nasdaq Composite rose 1.5% to 1524 points.

Barclays announced that the commercial development in the first months 2009 was still strong. The British bank would therefore continue to forgo government assistance. This stock market evaluated as a positive sign for the industry. The attention to the markets is also the summit of G20 countries in London, which begins on Thursday. Many hoped that the Heads of State and Government of the largest industrial and emerging new ideas for combating the economic crisis.

On the other hand, new economic data verd├╝sterten the picture: The Chicago Purchasing Managers Index fell in March of 34.2 in the previous month to 31.4 points. Market observers had expected 34.2 meters. Consumer confidence also rose in March to weaker than expected: The index rose from 25 in February to 26 points. Experts had predicted 28 meters. The Case-Shiller house price index for January fell from 150.56 to 146.40 points. Analysts had only a decline to 147.20 points expected.

On the purchase list of stocks were shares of banks. So JP Morgan moved up by 3.3% before. Bank of America more expensive by 5.6% and shares of Citigroup up 8.7%.

The paper of the troubled auto maker General Motors continued its descent with a discount of 3% continues. The fear of bankruptcy, the title on Monday at about 25% to burglarize.

Shares of Genzyme rose 1.2%. The pharmaceutical and chemicals group Bayer enters his shop with blood cancer drugs to the U.S. from the Group. The Leverkusen-based sales will receive milestone payments and royalties of up to about 480 million euros.

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