U.S. bank plans boost the Dax

The rally continues: A new U.S. aid program in the volume of up to $ 1000 billion, the investor purchases animated. Especially Bank shares set to be strong. However, there are also losers: Ericsson falls after weak business outlook from Friday also kick back on the weekly.
The Dax rose 1.7% to 4138 meters. The European Stoxx 50 put on 1.9%. The FTSE 100 in London gained 1.4% and the CAC 40 in Paris climbed 1.2%.

Buoyed was trading on the floor plan of the United States, banks from their bad paper to liberate. Washington wants 75 to 100 billion dollars for a public-private acquisition program in October, the rescue package is available. “The mood on the U.S. markets have recently become more optimistic,” said an analyst. Further details were U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner during the day known: Accordingly, the U.S. government a volume of up to $ 1000 billion to buy up bad loans are available. The aim of the package is, among other things, that a mechanism for pricing will be established to ensure that the state too much for distressed assets paid.

In particular, financial stocks will benefit from the U.S. plans. In the United States shot up Citigroup and Bank of America by nearly 30% in the height. Both institutions are most affected by the current crisis. In Europe, attracted the Anlger according to bank and insurance shares. The Dax rose on the title of the Commerzbank with 7.6% at the highest, ranked directly behind the Deutsche Bank with an increase of 5.2% a. Allianz moved to 4.2%.

The Stoxx 50, the Dutch ING by 17%. The Institute had their 1200 top people asked for the past fiscal year 2008 to be no bonus payments. Also in demand were the papers of Unicredit and Barclays, which is in Milan and London by 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.% improved. The share of the French BNP Paribas gained 8%. Nine of the ten largest Stoxx-50-winners came from the financial sector.

The bottom line is a fabulous rate of return for all shareholders of financial companies: Deutsche Bank soared over the past four weeks by 70% upwards, Alliance increased by 30%. The Stoxx 50 shot BNP Paribas and ING by 44% in the height. Other blue chips in the credit sector similarly appealed strongly.

The focus of the investors were also car values. The paper of the truck maker MAN rose 2.8%, the title of BMW set to 2.3%. Shares of Daimler moved with 1% is only slightly before. In early trade, the increase still above 7% respectively. The stock market enjoyed the announcement of the car maker, which Abu Dhabi government-controlled investment company Aabar with 1.95 billion euros in the company of embarkation. Abu Dhabi is now following a capital increase of 9.1% Daimler and thus the largest single shareholder in the company’s Stuttgart.

Ericsson’s biggest loser again

Shares of Siemens moved 3% before. A report of the “N├╝rnberger Nachrichten” According to the traffic engineering division of the conglomerate will receive a large order: 100 high-speed trains to China, Siemens will provide the total value of the quantitative group at around 700 million euros.

The Dax-Debutants Hanover Re and Fresenius were not opposed to the big winners. They laid around 2%.

The biggest loser in the Stoxx 50 was the paper of the Swedish network supplier Ericsson, which is reduced by 3%. On Friday, the joint venture Sony Ericsson from the Japanese electronics group Sony and Ericsson only a number of selling 14 million phones for the current quarter forecast. Analysts had expected with the double – the stock was falling. Obviously had the disappointment of investors also on the weekly after launch.

Good targets from the Far East

The stock markets in the Far East began with gains in the week. The Japanese Nikkei rose 3.4% to 8215 points – the highest level in seven weeks. Above all, the financial stocks receded before. The broader Topix climbed 3.5% to 791 meters. Even the stock markets in South Korea, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan and Singapore-listed significantly firmer.

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