Treasury bonds fall again

The bonds have their rise to week beginning initially terminated: This and the other side of the Atlantic, the paper lost a part of their price gains last week again.
The pension for the European market trend Bund futures were 15 positions listed, and to 19 clock at 125.22 meters, the yield on the ten-year government bonds stood at 2933%. Their U.S. counterparts yield at 2.899%.

The rise in bond prices was triggered last Thursday the Bank of England: It had been a world’s first central bank announced the purchase of government bonds worth 75 billion pounds to start. Subsequently, the yield on the ten-year UK government bonds (Gilts) from 3.6% to 3.06% abgesackt – an unusually large jump, which includes the returns on the European and the U.S. bond market moved down. Bond yields and prices move in opposite directions.

“It is not surprising that after the extreme reactions to the use of counter-movement”, said on Monday, Michael Rottmann, bond market analyst at Unicredit.

Moreover, the remarks by J├╝rgen Stark Europe’s bond market burdened. The member of the Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) provides further scope for monetary policy maneuver, but cautioned against too high expectations of interest rate cuts. Too low interest rates could even exacerbate the problems, he said on Monday in Luxembourg.

When the British government bonds on Monday, initially had anything further to rising prices and falling yields indicated. The yield on the ten-year UK government bonds plunged on Monday to begin a 50-year low from. So they have slipped below 3%, which is the lowest figure since records began the 1958th To 19 clock, she could, however, slightly berappeln% in 3121 and was six points higher than last Friday.

Should the UK government securities from investors will be less attractive than, for example, German or American titles, so experts fear that investors Gilts in favor of other state could sell bonds. Such a move would help the British pound sterling strain.

Worries about the UK banking sector on Monday expressed in national currency: The pound lost significantly against the euro and the dollar. One euro cost 0.9143 clock to 19 pounds and 1.8% more than the end of last week.

Lost against the dollar the common currency, however, 0.2% On. One euro cost to 19 clock $ 1.2631. The relative strength of the dollar with analysts said the negative sentiment on the stock markets.

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