Track This Bill

There are multiple ways to search for legislation. And once you locate a bill, you can then add it to your “personal bill list” so you can readily find it again to check its status and/or add it to a “bill alert” list.

moneyStrands has built in recognition for your credit card payment transfers from your checking accounts. It also calculates your short term reserves and liabilities to give you visibility into your cash flow situation.

Track This Bill

Tracking time spent across multiple projects and customers can be quite a difficult task when working from home. This article explains how to develop a quick and easy system to track your time using a free online service.

View all time spent on a single ticket or all tickets for a client over a specified time period and bill for the support provided.

Have you ever seen a stamp such as “Track this bill at…” followed by a URL on a bill before? One of the benefits of the World Wide Web is that anyone can track the natural and geographic circulation of currency. This article will tell you how to watch your bill circulate all over your country and even the world!

One of the many issues brought up about the Stimulus bill and Economic Recovery Plan is whether or not it will work, but yet another more important and related question is how to track the billions of dollars that are going to be doled out in this attempt to stimulate and jump start the economy. These are a couple steps to get involved.

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