Think outside the box!

The economic data provided to us this week from the U.S. in terms of labor market, were not exactly promising. Unemployment is at 7.6 percent with a job loss of 3.6 million jobs since the beginning of the recession.
The stock market has the negative and positive news could start a rally, as traders assumed that the government is now even faster, the aid package for the economy and lace will adopt. During the last week there were a lot of reporting on the proposed package, and especially the content, there really does not belong. For example, several hundred million U.S. dollars for the insurance of honey bees issued. Furthermore helps a considerable part of the package, only the government, as billions of new government buildings and computer output and a large proportion of new jobs in the government sector will emerge.

We have for some time criticized the package, and especially the fact that far too little for the real estate is made, is actually the cause of all evil is. The final details of the package which the Senate on Friday adopted are not yet known, but we hope that once the package has been revised. Apparently recognize many politicians in the U.S. but also on this side of the Atlantic, not the seriousness of the situation. You have the economy and to help companies target and can not time with pointless discussions verplembern.

In our eyes should be the politicians and their strategists and advisers once thought about an alternative form of relief efforts make. It would be wrong not possible where a tax to build pyramid, where you pay a percentage less the more you earn. This may seem to most people “unfair” occur, however, would in our eyes every effort to encourage and to be successful, since the state less money (in percent) by one if it takes longer deserves. Many entrepreneurs would be encouraged to the maximum of their abilities and out of firms and new ideas and innovations would come on the market.

The state would also benefit from this because the people one would probably earn more and of which the state money abbekommt. On the other hand, the rate of evaders in this model at very low values, since with this scheme is probably the most taxpayers would have no problem.

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