The unrecognized precious metals – platinum

The fascination of gold platinum could never reach. While gold, the minds of Europeans are already thousands of years ago ecstatic, platinum penetrated only a few centuries into the consciousness of humans. The first time in Europe was platinum by the Italian humanist Julius Caesar Scaliger about 500 years are described. Even in the 17th Century, platinum was annoying as a waste product of gold mining in the Spanish colonies of South America carelessly discarded into the rivers.
Although such wastes would be unthinkable today, the platinum in the investors favor a subordinate role. The platinum was at least since the beginning of the yellow precious metal outperformed. While the gold ounce (31.1 grams) to 4 March only by 4.5 percent to 908.50 U.S. dollars growth could even platinum rose by 15.7 percent to 1,039 U.S. dollars. The thousand dollar mark, the gold had been frequently advised and so far only briefly in 2008 could exceed, platinum has so confidently skipped.

Irreplaceable commodity

This is also not particularly surprising, but platinum is more rare than gold. Moreover, the precious metals have an important role in many industrial uses. So platinum by the car industry, chemistry, medical technology and for fuel cells is required, with the precious little from other materials can be replaced. So warns a study by the Institute of the German economy from the last year, specifically in front of a shortage of this important commodity. Of particular problem is the concentration of deposits in just three countries. For South Africa, Russia and Canada territories over 92 percent of platinum reserves, with the three largest companies, 73 percent of world production dominate.

This could, at least on a long-term rise in the platinum price suggest. Thus, platinum a year ago, on 4 March 2008, at 2273 U.S. dollars per ounce recorded. This is from his platinum record price much further away than gold, what a great catch-up potential could speak. For an investment in platinum could also be particularly interesting derivatives. Because for the physical acquisition of Platinum is – unlike gold – the VAT from 19 per cent due. This does not apply to derivatives.

Investment opportunities in derivatives

For risk-taking investors, the rising prices of platinum expect could WaveXXL Call DB74WT by the X-markets team at Deutsche Bank interesting. The derivative is a good five of leverage that is why the value of the WaveXXL about five times faster rises or falls as the price of platinum. However, if the mark (stop loss) at 901.90 U.S. dollars touched or fallen below is the derivative and sold to salvage paid.

Conversely, the WaveXXL put DB74WZ with a leverage of just over six also be attractive for investors, the falling platinum prices to apply. Because the derivative defines the value, if the platinum price there. If, however, the platinum mark (stop loss) by $ 1197.75 touches or exceeds, the apparent residual closed and transferred to the investor.

An interesting opportunity for investors could be more risk-X-Pert Zertifikat with his WKN 104207. This certificate completes the development of the platinum price after approximately 1:1.

However, investors should note that not all of these currency derivatives are protected.

The information contained in this document does not constitute investment advice dar. The performance of the past is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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