The stock market makes green

On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange is not always just about money, but also about traditions. As in the 19th Century, cheap labor on the NYSE sought were reported mainly newcomers from Italy and Ireland.
Over time, the immigrants realized that they landed a lucrative place, and worked itself up. As a result, emerged quite small clans. Fathers, sons, Schwäger, grandchildren, nephews: Entire families are still working today on the floor, seen in the Italian or Irish name badges.

On next Tuesday, the New York Stock Exchange now, as every year, dipped in green. The Irish celebrate their highest holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. At the Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, a huge parade in green, white and orange instead. Throughout the town the beer flowing from the lunch hours in streams. The traders on Wall Street staple is a “Shamrock” to Ireland’s unofficial national symbol in the form of a three-cloverleaf, wear green ties, hats and some even.

Usually falls of St. Patrick’s Day on 17 March. The 17th March? Was there not something else? The 17th March marks the day of the Bear Stearns collapse. Although the once fifth largest U.S. investment bank JP Morgan officially from a symbolic initial purchase price of $ 2 per share was saved – the 17th March 2008 marked the starting point for a veritable flood of rescue operations, and nationalisations for the end of Wall Street, as before 17 Existed in March 2008.

“Look at times the shares of Irish banks,” lamented this week in an Irish dealer. “They are not worth more than Citigroup.” Colleagues in Ireland had to suffer such right, replaced the Irish Wall Street community on the Internet. “Have you heard? In Ireland, a banker on the road bespuckt. In some cases, they even threatened physical violence.” Well, there is some thought to himself, that my ancestors of Green Island betimes have their backs. Indeed, in comparison to the hysteria in Ireland live dealers on Wall Street despite the massive price falls and fear of losing the job, but in a largely harmonious environment.

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