The money is for the winners

Even the deepest recession in years knows winners. Around the globe there are people and companies who are doing well as ever.
From the stock market astrologer in New York for the vodka market in Russia, by Islamic banks in London to become the market leader in printing money: Even in a crisis can make money – as a company, employee or shareholder.
The Money Printers
Who makes the crisis even more money? Of course the central banks and their suppliers, including the money printer. The largest among them is the British company De La Rue. Each year it produces banknotes, which strung together a band with a length of one million miles alone. The reason is the strength of other crisis defensive sectors like with sayings like “eat, drink, smoke or dead is forever”, then the money printing companies face billionenteurer actions of central banks now rightly say: “Money is always needed.”

A look at the share performance of De La Rue reveals that these investors also obvious conclusion. Just over a week climbed the De La Rue shares at 10.78 pounds its record high since 2003, the value six.

The Muslim alternative
Northern Rock broke, Royal Bank of Scotland at the State drip, HSBC needs money for shareholders: The Britons trust their own banks barely on the way – Schariabanken other hand, more and more. “We find that suddenly a lot of non-Muslims to use our savings accounts,” says Fezal Boodhoo, at the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) for the corporate business is responsible.

The deposits of the Bank are in just six months of crisis for more than seven percent, the number of customers – usually devout Muslims – around five percent. The originating from Qatar IBB is the only retail bank in Europe, the last four years, a branch offices, complete with the Islamic Schariarecht compliant. It had spread that Islamic banks have solid capital that, because they are high credit payable as a form of financing must be avoided, says Boodhoo.

The vodka maker
In dealing with the financial crisis, there are many cultural differences. But also a few similarities such as the handle to the glass. Especially suffers greatly from the oil and gas dependent including Russia, that the oil price since the summer of 2008 at two thirds is caved. The Russian Alcohol Group, however, with an annual production of 112,000 cubic meters of vodka – the equivalent of around 40 Olympic swimming pool with 50 meters length – the clear market leader in Russia. Last Wednesday, the Russians reported that the business is running as never before: 2008, the Russian Alcohol Group had a turnover increase of 35 percent.
The traders in the market for credit default insurance trust the clown Ronald McDonald, now has more than Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke. To register for five years against failure of a $ 10,000 loan to McDonald’s to assure investors currently have an annual premium of $ 55 paid. Order against a default by the U.S. government about $ 10,000 to insure $ 73 due. The reason is simple: McDonald’s knows no crisis.

In February, sales climb by five percent. Early as 2008 McDonald’s earned approximately $ 25 billion revenue a cash flow of approximately $ 6 billion. At times, visitors can klammer cash in quick-service restaurant for very little money the maximum calorie intake sure. With the $ 55 quoted the stock near its record high of $ 65.

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