So now you earn money on the stock market?

Dear investors, how can we in these times in the stock market make money? With Trading!
The U.S. market offers much better profit opportunities than the German market.

Read what you are on the U.S. market for the benefits and how I currently trade there. The second part, I send you my current favorite U.S. charts before!

The beauty is that I am at my personal Brokers Interactive Brokers have a direct comparison between the German and U.S. market. I have already been abandoned for some time, when day and swing trades with German equities to act.

* Why short-term trading in German equities nervt And the following reasons:

1. There are far fewer shares on the German market. That means there are less values automatically with “beautiful” charts, for the short-term trading are suitable.

2. Similarly, stocks with high volatility rather rare. Is there still time to rush all at once on the few titles of what the trading is not just easier.

3. The spreads for German equities are partially outrageously high. Previously, I have observed, for example, EnviTec, a German biogas value, the last high relative strength and is the same on Friday morning nearly 10 percent could. The course was sobering finding: The stock has been temporarily 16.30 euro 17.30 euro getaxt. The current estimate is still a spread of almost 50 cents, or nearly three percent.

That is just too high! This is the spread, the trader eventually you have to pay – in addition to those already incurred the normal fees. Sure, you could of course try to use it. That means at 16.31 euros, for example, a limit buy order and then hope for a run. But mostly it works not because of the (electronic) Market Maker / Brokers then “his” bid also increased, to reach 16.32 euros.

The conclusion for me is clear: such shares trade I just do not!

4. Added to this is: At least for Interactive Brokers, one of the cheapest brokers überhaupt are the fees for the German Order values much higher than for U.S. values.

You pay for German equities 0.1 per cent of trade value, but at least 4.00 Euro. This is in comparison to other brokers really very cheap. But the U.S. trade is even cheaper. Here the cost of buying one share apiece just half a cent, the minimum is only one U.S. dollar per order. That is, if Microsoft to 200 shares for $ 20 buy, the cost just one euro.

(Note: There are additional costs for this market, but with $ 10 for a month are negligible or even omitted if the monthly $ 30 charges are incurred. 30 U.S. dollars, pay as much you in many German brokers even for a single U.S. Trade).

BTW, I write this not because I consider Interactive Brokers would like to advertise or to get money. Interactive is no cooperation with exchange letters or other market participants and does no advertising, etc.

I write it simply because the fees – and therefore probably also due to the high number of customers – extremely favorable. But I would not conceal that the customer service is poor. That is, if you really have a problem, you may not reach by phone or via chat or until someone in the fifth or sixth attempt. Since then it helps nothing, that the service number is free.

The good news is, however: The trading system itself is very reliable and does not break together, if it at times approaching the market somewhat stormy. Some German broker, which in crash phases simply “short times can not be reached”, could definitely be a slice of it off.

* A huge selection at the U.S. market

The real beauty on the U.S. market is the huge range of values that are there. Approximately 8,000 different shares are currently traded on several stock exchanges New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), AMEX (which now belongs to the NYSE), on the NASDAQ and the less strictly regulated OTC market listed. This will give traders a huge selection of shares to find the really “fit”, which means that the targets of their own trading system or discretionary traders (= discretionary based on subjective analysis processes of a human) is simply the instantaneous individual criteria to meet.

Here with the Interactive “Market Scanner” is another (free) and very useful feature. You can get all U.S. stocks by various criteria listed, for example, those who just created a new 52-week high or 52-week low to make, of course, the days and daily winners losers, etc. You get a lot of interesting shares at the screen and can simultaneously also the charts to display.

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