Signs of the Times

Who icons to show the world knows, suddenly see through a lot – even the financial crisis.
The world is full of symbols and signs that we must only interpret them. Cologne, for example: Why is crashing in the center of the Rhenish Catholicism is not the cathedral or the Heumarkt in a hole, but the City Archives? Because the sins of the subway construction, the sins of the just ended and the Carnival of the Mayor Schramma were simply too heavy.

And why is crashing after the financial system, first of all the auto industry in crisis? Why it’s not the book? Because the car is the modern incarnation of the golden calf is.

Instead now, but away from the evil man seeks to repress the sins to preserve. In Cologne, some hundreds of citizens have volunteered to personally present the concrete of historical documents on parchment paper to blow.

Also for the financial system nears rescue. To not apply with the devil, who is currently pushing his mischief, the next emergency summit disguised as a National Maritime Conference in Rostock. Since advises the seafaring nation of Germany on the future of the marine fleets and fish fingers. Who does not see through this disguise, has its course in mysticism is not understood: It is a matter that we do not sink.

Not for nothing has Agricultural Minister Ilse Aigner recently a new fisheries protection boat on the name “sea cat” baptized – though monkeys and apes are related to the sea is not the slightest to do.

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