Risk specialists

The risk management of many banks has failed. To esteem, confidence and rebuild shops, they are now looking for specialists to better assess the risks. This must have to assess whether customers really pay back loans, or what dangers Mergers bring with them.

Michael Bender is a sought-after risk specialist. The 42-year-old freelancer with MBA working for large banks in Frankfurt as an IT project manager. “After five years as a manager in risk management I am looking for large projects now complete,” says the diploma in business management, the personnel services Hays brokered.

Bender evaluate what risks can occur when an institution such as SAP or introduces its consolidated server environments. According to industry experts, he has good career opportunities. In economic crisis, banks increasingly are looking at ways to reduce costs and risks to re-evaluate.

These are different banks of internal and external risks. If the Deutsche Bank to its computer and decides to new, more powerful servers to purchase, this is an internal project. Rated a bank loan default risks, one speaks of an external risk. Between the two risks, there are close ties – does IT insane, no statistics on customer advisor payment or check credit ratings.

Specialists in demand
Also, the takeover of Dresdner Bank by Commerzbank is an example of risk management. Although the deal only with capital injections from tax agents. To view the second house of money in Germany, however, to keep competitive, including Commerzbank and 2012 more than 300 to 1500 or stores. This brings risks in business areas such as personnel, private banking, IT and marketing with them.

“Events like this or the introduction of new software as part of the settlement are tax projects in which banks do not come,” said Arma Sahic also involved in the Hays IT and technology sector forward. It has been years in the Frankfurt World Bank as manager. “Despite the cost savings is suitable staff still in demand,” she says. It will not matter if an external consultant or permanent employment.

Thomas Heidorn, a professor of banking operations at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, also sees a growing need for professionals who specialize in risk assessment. First, with the onset of banking crisis, correlations of different variables, so long familiar values and factors are no longer valid.

On the other hand, would be the liquidity of institutions planning now to another place. It is considered important, because money is no longer freely available. The refinance the banks falls significantly heavier. Heidorn provides the functions of a Risk Manager is always at the position of a salaried experts linked: “The daily risk assessment of individual banks can not outsource,” he says.

External consultant for the dirt work
He admits, however, that external specialists in risk assessment can help, especially in the past financial statistics and mathematical physics knowledge were important, but now as economic expertise is needed. The Stuttgart J├╝rgen psychoanalyst cheese, the banker advises, justifying this with a new education requirement. “From studies we know that ultimately there are five areas of concern for companies in the crisis: financial, product, strategy, internal and external communications.”

On these fields, banks have made mistakes, then repressed or concealed. The trust is lost it again. This goes hand in hand, alleged that for dirt work – in other words, streamline processes and re-organize – like external consultants picks. “You think people hard truths, rather than their own boards,” says cheese. Ultimately, it is a question internal confidence again.

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