Passenger numbers in free fall

For years, drove to the German airport operators record the other – even in the crisis year 2008. So now follows the sudden crash: some remained rather one in five travelers at home.
2009, the aviation crisis really started, says the Federation of German airlines: “2009 is for air transport is a very unpleasant year,” said association President Ralf Teckentrup.

Last year was the number of passengers at German airports despite crisis by 1.1 percent to 191 million. In January and February, but the travelers were in double figures in percentage caved. Also, the summer bookings were running restrained. The number of passengers is expected to 2009 by five per cent decline – and the prognosis was still optimistic.

Decline in sales at Fraport

The largest airport operator in Germany, the Dax-listed Fraport AG, submitted its now their latest figures in 2008, reaching neither the sales nor the net result of the values of the previous year:

The profit before interest and taxes is presented by nearly eight percent to 361 million euros, below the line, however, exposed to the depreciation is now sold in Hahn and daughter to participate in the Hanover airport at Fraport yields. Net income declined by nearly 16 percent to 180 million euros. Revenues declined due to the sale of the subsidiary ICTS security by nearly ten per cent to 2.1 billion euros.

And the passenger numbers at home already crumbled Location: Approximately 53 million passengers flew via Frankfurt – 1.3 percent less than in 2007.

Krasser passenger burglary 2009

True it looks bleak, but only in January from the airport in the Main metropolis with 3.5 million counted ten percent fewer passengers than it did a year ago.

An outlook for 2009 fall under these difficult conditions, said chief executive Wilhelm Bender. Basically Fraport but further declines in revenues, earnings and profits.

The second largest airport in Munich, had a record 2008 earnings before interest and taxes of 86 million and made 826 million euros. Also, the passenger numbers increased Munich still slightly by 1.7 percent.

But at the beginning of the year breaking even here the figures are a passenger: “We have in the past two months, circulation declines of around ten percent,” says the chairman CEO Michael Kerkloh. During the current winter schedule had the offer must be cut in the cargo-handling subsidiary Cargo Gate has been in existence since the 1st March time.

Smaller airports suffer most

Much more violent but it meets the smaller airports – have put the airlines in crisis, the first cut to the airport, for example, had in the past year 3.8 percent fewer passengers. In February 2009 was nearly one in five travelers at home.

The airport staff build on their current working hours to force minus. Because of the crisis in the region-based industry translates directly to the air: “We lack especially the business traveler to the large corporations based here, such as SAP or Daimler,” said Airport CEO George Fundel.

Also, customers in the short-term crisis book, which the airlines when planning to do. For 2009 the Stuttgart reckon with a passenger decline of around 6 percent.

Similarly bleak year has started in Hamburg, took advantage of the local airport in January and February around 12 percent fewer passengers than it did in early 2008.

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