Obama tries to balance realism, optimism

The U.S. president has his fellow countrymen for a way out of crisis promised. A speedy recovery, there is not. In his speech he defended above all his demands for extensive control of the financial markets. Beijing’s proposals, the U.S. dollar as key currency to sell, that he rejects.
U.S. President Barack Obama disseminated two months after his inauguration confidence: Although the U.S. is currently experiencing a “historic crisis.” But he was sure the Americans would do this and the country to rediscover long-term growth.

“We will recover from the recession,” Obama said on Tuesday evening in the second TV press conference since his inauguration on 20 January. At the same time he defended his reform policy and its budget. China’s recent proposals for a move away from the dollar as an anchor, he gave a clear rejection.

The approximately one-nation-wide press conference was carried over from the clear economic and financial policies dominated. Obama was primarily about the recent criticism of his policies confront. However, he warned against expecting a swift economic recovery. Although there were already positive signs. “But it takes time, it takes patience,” said Obama in the White House.

Obama urged critics stepped forward in the light of growing budget deficits, the high investment in health and in energy and education policies condemned. Without a sustainable health care reform and a “new era in energy policy were economic growth and competitiveness of the U.S. future in danger.

Obama defended the program to support clean energy. The U.S. health care must be reformed urgently, because the costs ran out of control and the main cause of growing budget deficits were. Even should the U.S. from dependence of foreign oil to close.

Once again, Obama took on the issue of millions of bonuses for managers of the insurance group AIG raised in recent days to an outcry led. Visibly annoyed Obama responded to a question why the government until late in responding to you: “It has a few days because I like it when I know what I’m talking about.”

The latest proposal from Beijing after a move away from the dollar as an anchor around Obama leaned out from. “I believe that there is no need for a new anchor there.” Furthermore, the dollar is currently strong, he added. On Tuesday, the Chinese central bank Zhou Xiaochuan, President with a proposal to reform the international monetary system stir. Here he brought the idea into the game, an international reserve currency that is independent of individual states.

At the same time, Obama called a few days before the G20 summit in London on the international community to take decisive steps in the fight against economic and financial crisis. “Let us undertake what is necessary” to the global economy and create jobs. At the same time should be no relapse into protectionism give.

Obama said on foreign policy, neither in the Middle East nor in the conflict with Iran could be expected rapid results. “Perseverance” was asked in these conflicts. The future government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the effort to find a peaceful solution in the Middle East “not easier”. Also no one should expect that its efforts to establish a new relationship with Iran bring swift results.

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