Obama – action to fight crisis

The stock market is the new American government miserable grades. Because the actions of the leadership team under Barack Obama raise more questions than they answer.
Who in the stock market on the Obama factor speculation has been bitterly disappointed. Before the election day on 4 November last year, the stock market rally in a small way. Since then, however, almost only downhill.

The U.S. leading and with them many other exchanges around the world have since the beginning of November good quarter lost. Since the 20th January, the day of the inauguration of the new president, the survey course on Wall Street and in Europe by around 15 percent.

The S & P 500, the beginning of November once again on the mark of 1,000 points, jumped, stood on Friday at the 683rd The Dax was four months ago still over 5000th Now it is less than 3700th Tendency: falling further.

Obama responds to the great depression on Wall Street so far with only shrug. Where is the problem? Exchanges are fickle, and a head of government is not the responsibility of shareholders of the World, but its citizens alone. The stand according to current polls continue to be almost 60 percent behind Barack Obama.

The problem is this: The development of the market will sooner or later also highly relevant for the success of Obama’s policies. And the stock market’s judgments are not infallible – but even more incorruptible. The fact that the gigantic action, which the new government in Washington should be drawn up so far so little optimism among investors ignite, is therefore more than just a blemish.

The difficult legacy

Of course it would be completely absurd for the Obama alone course disaster of recent months to blame. The man has taken over a country whose economy is already on descent was rapid. And its financial system in an existential crisis, whose origins at least several months until a full decade back.

Quite possible that the crash under a Republican President John McCain still would have been much more dramatic.

Also quite possible that some expectations were too high. Now that prices fall, it would not so far out that Obama make mistakes. But just because the investors finally recognize realities, which they have been in frenzy of hope had ousted.

The new president has also promised a lot in many – but no one rising share prices.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama of the crash of the stock market does not care to. These are the real economic consequences of a prolonged slump far too dangerous. And this is the impact of its policies on the market at large.

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