Number of employees is as expected – ratio to 25-year high

In the U.S. the number of workers in February dropped approximately as expected, but the previous month’s figures were significantly revised downwards. The unemployment rate in February was at its highest level in more than a quarter of a century increased, as the U.S. Department of Labor on Friday in Washington.
     Outside of agriculture is the number of employees to 651,000 on-month decline. It is the fourteenth of the employment decline in a row. Economists had in February with a decline of 648,000 jobs.

Previous month to be revised

     For the preceding months, the number of employees significantly revised downwards. The fall in employment in January was 655,000 more than originally reported failed. First was a decrease of 598,000 have been identified. In December, the job cuts in revised 681,000 (initially 577,000). This was the biggest drop since October 1949. At that time, the decline of 834,000 located.

      The unemployment rate rose in February surprisingly significantly to 8.1 percent, as the U.S. Labor Department on Friday announced in Washington. In the previous month, the rate in the largest economy in the world is still at 7.6 percent. Economists had on average for February, at a rate of 7.9 percent.

     Hourly wages in February as expected. They were up by 0.2 percent to 18.47 U.S. dollars per hour climbed. Economists had expected this increase. The average working week remained at the previous month’s figure of 33.3 hours.

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