Medical Care defies the crisis

On the German stock market seems to be a new favorite to investors. The speech is not from a known “people’s share” and not by the once-popular Internet high-flyers. Or nano-solar technology is not meant. In the current crisis stings a hitherto little more acclaimed sector appears positive, the health sector. One of the really big players in the industry is in the DAX-listed Fresenius Medical Care AG (FMC).
The company seems to be the global crisis so far successfully resisted. The recently published figures for the past fiscal year, according to estimates by analysts generally positive, despite the weak economic environment. Above all, the FMC was in the main business largely independent of cyclical influences positioned. This assessment was confirmed by the announcement of the dialysis specialists nourished, in the year 2009, a strong increase in profit to want to achieve. Specifically, the objectives for the year 2009 of FMC with an increase in the annual surplus of up to 890 million U.S. dollars and an increase in sales to more than 11 billion U.S. Dollars.

But that’s not enough. The dividend will be referred to corporate information is already the twelfth consecutive year to be raised from 54 to last now 58 cents per share. And the next milestone might be within reach. Indeed, in terms of the next adjustment date for the DAX is currently the parent company Fresenius as a possible candidate ascent traded.

Very positive, it is noticeable that the FMC’s shares at sight of twelve months, quoted almost unchanged, while the overall market during the same period, about half of market value lost. On a relative level showed the title is a massive outperformance. Only the special situation at Volkswagen’s shares meant that the share of first place in the DAX performance rankings so far remained denied.

Investors, despite the least positive overall situation in a FMC risk buffers do not want to, could have a bonus for certificates of interest. This allows investors from sharp price increases and at the same time benefit a comfortable buffer against risk in the event of price declines are more moderate.

An interesting example is the bonus certificate (WKN: DB1HVC) of Deutsche Bank. First, the product involves a risk buffer in the amount of 22 percent to relevant course barrier, during the term should not be violated. This barrier is significantly below the recent lows significant movement from the year 2006. Where the barrier, investors can at least equal to the bonus amount of 46.80 euros collected. Both reached or fallen below the barrier as well as in excess of that bonus levels investors participate in a 1:1 ratio in the positive and the negative price performance of the stock. Capital One is for the product.

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