Is dollar a safe investment currency?

To the markets where fear reigns. In addition to the ongoing turmoil in the financial sector – see Citigroup, AIG & Co. – are also about the economy worse than some apparently still have. Surprisingly, it was announced that the Australian economy in the fourth quarter of 2008 for the first time in eight years from the previous quarter is shrunk. This was one of the last bastions of growth “on the World sanded. And it is expected that this is only the beginning of the downturn in Australia.
EUR / USD under downward pressure

From the world’s growing risk aversion of investors, the dollar benefited. From the greenback as a safe-haven currency “to speak, but it is exaggerated. The dollar is rising, because many U.S. investors their money from investments abroad deduct. In addition, just the banks still dissolve dollar liabilities to remain solvent. This situation is likely to continue and this could be the U.S. dollar continue to put upward pressure – also against the euro. EUR / USD is the first time since late November 2008 under the mark of 1.2500 USD fallen. The course could still fall into the range of 1.2400 USD to continue. Would lighten the chart technical situation, only if EUR / USD at around 1.2600 to the USD short-running downward trend upwards through. We inform you, as usual, timely and specifically on lucrative trading opportunities.

EUR / USD (Current rate: 1.2515) Resistance: 1.2560 1.2640 1.2700 1.2770 Support: 1.2440 1.2400 1.2320 1.2220 USD / JPY (Current price: 99, 30) Resistors: 99.40 100.00 100.60 102.00 Support: 98.10 97.50 96.40 95.00 USD / CHF (Current rate: 1.1809) Resistance: 1.1820 1.1910 1.1950 1.2070 Support: 1.1720 1.1550 1.1510 1.1430 GBP / USD (Current rate: 1.4056) Resistance: 1.4110 1.4250 1.4400 1.4550 supports: 1, 4000 1.3960 1.3810 1.3700

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