Income Tax Extension

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You might be able to take advantage of new tax laws. Tax laws change all the time. If you wait until October 15 to file, you just might be eligible for a new deduction or a change in taxpayer status.

For business owners, funding retirement plans such as  Simplified Employee Pensions (SEPs) or SIMPLE IRAs can be expensive. Filing for an income tax extension will also extend your deadline to fund these types of retirement plans.

Accountants and tax professionals are much busier in April than they are in October.  Getting the proper amount of time with an accountant gets harder and harder the longer you wait leading up to April 15. Extending your income tax deadline to October 15 will give your accountant or tax pro that extra time to focus on your tax return, which may mean extra tax savings in your pocket.

It gives you more time to get your paperwork in order. Why rush around during the first two weeks of April if you don’t have to? With a tax extension, you can take your time and ensure that your tax return is accurate and that you’ve taken advantage of every deduction you’re entitled to. Many individuals and business owners file for extensions every year as a matter of course, just to ensure they have the time they need.

File Later tax extension service – a popular website where taxpayers can file their income tax extension – compiled the following list of reasons why taxpayers should consider joining the growing trend of taxpayers filing a tax ex tension rather than stress about getting their returns completed by April 15.

It’s really too bad it takes an IRS tax lien attorney to convince the IRS to be reasonable. But that’s exactly what has to be accomplished. You don’t have to accept a lien blindly, because there are options available.

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