How “Rambo” Bernanke save US economy?

The U.S. recession and the only one who can help her: As the Fed has announced its government bond is Fed Chairman Bernanke is a Hollywood figure compared. We explains the scope of the decision.
Fed chief Ben Bernanke has the nickname “Helicopter Ben”. It is based on a phrase of the Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, that central bankers as quasi money from a helicopter over an economy off. Since Wednesday evening, he must arrange with a new “Rambo” to films with Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, in the same tetralogy a Vietnam veteran brutally embodies and settles with its adversaries. “Bernanke is the father of Rambo-Fed,” said Richard Hoey, chief economist at the Bank of New York Mellon.

Hoey leads Bernanke’s new nickname by the recent announcement from government bonds is now also in great style aufzukaufen. “The train is an aggressive,” said Hoey, the decision also holds true: “I believe that we have no second Great Depression is threatening, because we have a Fed Chairman, which understands the challenges.”

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