Household Budgets

At the end of the month, do you ever say to yourself “where did all the money go?” Does it sometimes feel like it’s a constant flow of the income coming in and the bills going out and nothing much left in between? Do household discussions over money seem to take too much of everyone’s time? For many homeowners, time spent in the development of a household budget may help to alleviate many of these problems.

Create your household budgets in minutes. Keep track of what you spend and earn. Helpful charts, graphs, and alerts make budget planning very simple. moneyStrands will track your daily spending and update your budget accordingly so we spare you a chore.

As a nation, we have lost our financial way. Founded in the principles of thrift, frugality, and hard work, our beloved country has morphed into a giant financial couch potato.

The two leading personal finance software packages, Microsoft Money and Quicken, have great budgeting features. Some folks don’t want all the features of Microsoft Money or Quicken, but they still want more than a simple spreadsheet to set up a budget and monitor budget spending categories.

Essentially, a household budget is a spending plan. It tells you where your money needs to go and helps you find the money for the things you want. Many people choose to budget on a monthly basis, but you can also create a household budget that works on a weekly or bi-weekly system if this fits better with your pay schedule.

According to a new survey from Strategy Analytics, nearly half of Americans would cut out their mobile data service altogether if they were faced with a need to cut household spending. In comparison, just 10 percent said they would be willing to drop their wired broadband service to save money, while 12 percent would drop digital television service.

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