Hedge funds are regulated

The U.S. has its opposition to the plans of the EU states abandoned: the future, hedge funds provide information about their activities. Even the dispute for more economic packages has Finance Minister Geithner dispelled.
Hedge funds will be directly regulated. Thereupon, the finance ministers of the world’s twenty most important countries (G20) on Saturday in the British Horsham, south of London understanding. They then prepared the G20 financial summit in early April before. Accordingly, it is for hedge funds not only provide a registration requirement. The fund must also be informed about their activities.

The U.S. had previously opposed to direct regulation of hedge funds locked. Any indirect requirements on banks with whom they do business, had stood in the room.

About the regulation of so-called shadow banking system has long been debated. In addition to hedge funds, there will, inter alia, investment companies, money market funds and companies, without a banking license mortgage loans. They are – as opposed to “real” banks – little or no regulation, and apply many critics as a trigger for the crisis. Therefore, many are calling for binding targets just hedge funds, which in recent years, enormous amount of influence at the company have won, and often with a large risk act.

Even the dispute for more support for economic activities have U.S. and EU, in the words of German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück (SPD) attached. He and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had addressed this issue in a face-to-talk “commenced early on,” said Steinbrück. “It was agreed that Germany has a lot on the road has brought,” he said. The federal government has two economic packages decided, together 4.5 percent of gross domestic product.

The U.S. had accused the Europeans, not enough to do to stimulate the economy, and further expenditure required. EU countries like Germany and France showed the back. They want much more quickly for greater regulation of financial markets prevail. Lack of concrete decisions, however, on Saturday. With regard to the funding of the International Monetary Fund about the ministers decided only to increase. The target of doubling credit reserve to $ 500 billion was not festgeklopft.

Steinbrück that operates the Federal Government continues to Bad Bank, where the krisengeplagten banks can unload risky securities. “We’re looking desperately for a solution that does not charge someone, the problems did not cause,” said the minister with regard to risks to taxpayers. The Federal Government has announced the creation of a central national bank bath previously excluded.

Even on a solution for the severely ailing U.S. carmaker General Motors and its German subsidiary Opel had he spoken with Geithner, so Steinbrück. The United States wanted in the next two weeks a decision on the fate of the company meet.

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