Green Confusion in crisis

The Greens have it in a serious crisis: No one speaks more of the environment. Their economic policy program aims to change that. This will save the economy – and the environment. The Greens call it Green New Deal. The problem: You do not know really what that exactly is.
When Alain Lipietz of the French Greens in Petra-Kelly-Hall of the European Parliament wants to say, he has problems, his microphone on. Somewhat perplexed, he pushes the buttons in front of him on the table. It lasts until he finds the right. It is only a brief moment, but he has a symbolic character. For Lipietz, will not be the only one who this Wednesday seeking herumstochert.

Green have loaded the workshop to discuss its economic policy agenda to speak. Just as President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 30 years the United States with his New Deal reforms from those of depression tore, is now a Green New Deal to combat crisis in Europe – and incidentally to save the climate and environment. What a debate should be revealed to the rather helpless attempt at a party in the current crisis interrogation sources.

It is not an easy time for the Greens. During the summer in Europe, in the autumn in Germany, and no one is talking more about the environment. The economic crisis dictates the topics, it is about money, jobs, industrial subsidies. The European car industry with billions of p├Ąppeln may save jobs and are therefore particularly popular – green politics is not.

And because of the traditionally more difficult relationship to eco-industry party to the voters trust you anyway little economic expertise. Brief: Greens threaten, in the public eye to set. “There is certainly a danger that the Greens under the wheels,” said party researcher Oskar Niedermayer of the Free University of Berlin with regard to two major elections of the year. “It will be difficult for them.”

The idea to help the economy by saving the climate, is not even wrong. Green market is already a billion dollar market. Alone in the wind and solar power industry worldwide work around two million people. Estimated that investment in environmentally friendly energy sources by 2020, about 1900 billion dollars reach. Furthermore, about 40 percent of energy consumed in the EU on account of buildings. An energy-efficient renovation could also until 2020 450.000 new jobs created – a gigantic program of economic construction, and a green to do so.

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