General Motors stock falls to 76-Year Low

Detroit, MI – Shares of the ailing U.S. car company General Motors Corp.. (GM) (ISIN US3704421052 / WKN 850000) highlighted on Friday lunchtime at $ 1.27 a new 76-year low and its lowest level since 1933.
Triggers for the persistent slip rate, the uncertainties about the future of the largest car maker in the U.S.. It is also applying for creditor protection increasingly as a possible alternative to extensive government assistance referred to.

Even with the German subsidiary Opel is speculating about the future. At a meeting today in the Federal Chancellery, there were no solutions. “I may say so much that General Motors, in our view, has understood that there are a number of unanswered questions there, and that it has agreed to answer these questions to be,” said German Economics Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, according to “Spiegel Online” after the conclusion of the interview on Friday, in which, inter alia, also GM Europe chief Carl-Peter Forster had participated.

The GM’s shares are currently quoted on the NYSE at $ 1,52 (-18.39 percent).

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