Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt relief company that aims at assisting individuals who have trouble managing their debts. It is the brainchild of two Stanford Business School graduates and has wide customer base spread across United States. They offer services like credit counseling, debt consolidation and an alternative to bankruptcy. They aim to elevate the standards of the credit industry and lay their emphasis on valued customer base.

Now you have a few options. You can do it yourself and set up a budget plan to get yourself out of debt. This will have to be very sound and include each and every possible expense that you could incur on a monthly and yearly basis. It will also have to include a certain amount to pay towards your debts plus savings for emergency situations.

First off you will need to look into how long the debt reduction company has been operating. Due to the recent state of the economic hundreds of new credit card debt companies are popping up each and every day. It is important that you go with a company who has been in business at least 2-3 years. Most debt reduction programs take 2-3 years to finish. If you go with a company who has only been in business a year or less the chances of them actually having clients whom have graduated and completed the program are very slim.

If you feel you cannot tackle your debt on your own (and most people can’t), debt counseling is your best option for paying off your debt and keeping your credit intact. The process is simple. You contact an online credit counseling agency (or you can visit one in your area) and they will get back to you within 24-48. In the mean time, collect all your unsecured debts and start taking inventory of what you owe. This can be depressing, but this is where debt relief begins.

The reason that a lender or creditor would accept debt settlement as a debt solution is because they realize in many cases that getting something is better than getting nothing. Oftentimes finding effective debt solutions will keep an individual from filing for bankruptcy or defaulting on the money that they owe. Debt settlement will however negatively impact your credit rating and will remain as a negative mark on your credit history for many years to come.

Debt can be crippling and the longer you let it build, the fewer options you will have. So, it is best to make changes at the earliest moment possible. You can tackle your debt on your own, but there are a few things that you have to realize. You are going to have to cut back on your expenses and come up with some extra income. You are going to have to make more than minimum payments and be aggressive about paying off your debt or you will be making payments for a lot of years. You need to try to get your credit card companies to lower your interest rates.

You’ll never experience true peace of mind, independence, and personal freedom as long as you’re weighed down with debt. Make the decision NOW to get out of debt once and for all.

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