Ford seeks salvation with German models

U.S. manufacturers will continue their great sprit eating cars at home barely started. Ford wants to question the smaller European models in the U.S. – and sees himself in the sale of Volvo has entered the final straight.
The ailing U.S. carmaker Ford wants its U.S. business, especially with German models revive. Most products of the K├Âlner Ford-Werke in the future, even in the U.S. offered. Ford Europe CEO John Fleming said the magazine “Auto Motor und Sport” models Fiesta, Focus and Transit Connect.

However, the models in the dollar zone is produced. “We start with the new Fiesta 2010 in Cuautitlan in Mexico. An exact number is not fixed yet,” he said. “The Fiesta is not a niche product.”

Fleming Ford is that the crisis in any case survive without government help. “We assume that Ford Europe does not need state aid is.” However, some models of manufacturers move to reduce costs. “We have major volume models such as Fiesta and Ka just renewed, but a few new introductions because of the crisis by up to twelve months after the move back.”

Ford leads by its own account with several interested parties have detailed discussions about a sale of its Swedish subsidiary Volvo. The company was satisfied with the number and quality of potential buyers, said a spokesman. The negotiations, however, could be yet to come. Ford shares quoted in a strong 2.8 percent in the overall market gains.

The producer from Detroit is fighting just as his two major U.S. rivals General Motors (GM) and Chrysler with declining paragraphs, yet still had no state support services. 2008, the group lost $ 14.6 billion, the biggest negative in the 105-year history.

Among the problems faced by GM and Opel Fleming said: “I hope that Opel through the crisis.” He saw no advantage is that a competitor in trouble. “A major problem in the crisis, the supplier structure. Anything that weakens this is bad.”

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