Financial values to force the turn

A remarkable final sprint has the Dow Jones catapulted back into the Plus. Good news from the financial sector attracted investors back into the stock market. Technology falling stock prices had previously deep into the loss zone is pressed.
The Dow Jones closed 0.5% fixed at 6626 points. The S & P 500 rose 0.1% to 683 meters. The composite index of technology exchange Nasdaq on the other hand, fell by 0.4% to 1293 points.

Until shortly before the close of trading, the index recorded deep in the red: the rash for the final rally that gave dealers a newspaper report that the British government of the major assets of Lloyds Bank in the amount of around 280 billion pounds will secure.

Trigger for the initial losses on Wall Street was a sell-off in technology stocks have been. JP Morgan had a price target for Apple stock downgraded, and less revenue forecast. Apple shares lost 4% and pulled other tech values into the loss zone. The title of the mobile phone supplier Qualcomm gave 2.9% from papers by IBM lost 1.9%. Dealers said the losses with a kind of course correction: tech last title would not be so bad off as the rest of the market. This divergence would be running now fixed, so the experts.

Previously, investors had miserable macro data initially unmoved weggesteckt. The unemployment rate in the U.S. reached 8.1% and is as high since the end of 1983 no more. In February, the company emphasized 651,000 posts. Analysts suggest that the new signs of a deepening recession in the market but have been correlation, which started with Wall Street profits.

“There is nothing in these data, what you could be happy,” said Dan Green House, tobacco analyst at Miller & Co., investors are interested in the development of the labor market, since it crucial for consumer spending which in turn are roughly two-thirds of economic output in the U.S. total.

Oil companies to submit

Something having the market by oil companies, which benefited from rising oil prices: Exxon’s shares rose by 2.9%, by Chevron by 3.2%. One barrel (159 liters) of U.S. light of the variety WTI was trading around 44 $ – 2% more than the previous day.

Coca-Cola Expands in China. The world’s largest soft drink producers will be $ 2 billion within the next three years in the areas of production, distribution and development investments. In addition, Coca-Cola, the largest Chinese juicing Huiyuan for $ 2.4 billion take. The business must be the government in Beijing still agree. It would be the biggest takeover of a Chinese company by a foreign competitor. The paper is more expensive then just under 3.3%.

The fourth largest U.S. bank Wells Fargo, I remove its dividend by 85% from 34 cents to 5 cents together. In this way, the company aims to save $ 5 billion. At the same time, the company reported operating “strong” months of January and February. Investors reacted to the second message, the stock is expensive by 6%.

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