Fed says to buy long-term U.S. government debt

The Fed under Ben Bernanke, with their announcement, government bonds buy for violent turbulence in the markets: The dollar appreciated strongly from U.S. government bonds celebrate the greatest price rally since at least forty years.
With its announcement, to buy government bonds, the Fed and its Chairman Ben Bernanke on the financial markets triggered major surprise. The dollar depreciated from government bonds rose sharply. “Bernanke will to Rambo,” write the currency analysts at Commerzbank: Exchanges and appealed to government bonds, the dollar depreciated from.

The euro climbed on Thursday to 1,35 $. European bonds posted the strongest price increase for 13 years. The Bund futures listed with 123.85 points or 160 ticks higher at the top, he was around 215 ticks at 124.40 meter jump. Already on Wednesday, the yield on ten-year Treasuries within an hour of 2.95 to 2.5 percent caved. That was the strongest response for at least four decades. In government bond prices move in opposite directions and yields.

Dollars on the sale list
Faced with a key close to zero percent, the Fed, the economy of the country strauchelnde with another billion injection to boost the central bank buys long-term U.S. government bonds with a volume of up to $ 300 billion on. In addition, more asset-securities worth up to $ 850 billion in the balance sheet. This includes papers, with mortgages or student loans are deposited.

The experts predict that the dollar because of the government bond purchases will continue to devalue. “The dollar should continue to come under attack,” write the analysts of Unicredit. They consider it possible that the euro at $ 1.40 to 1.45 increase. “The dollar’s weakness should be in the second quarter.” Similarly, see the analysts at Commerzbank: “The greenback could be difficult times ahead.”

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