Euro jumps above 1.30 of Dollar!

The euro is strong. In comparison to the dollar more expensive it is in the course of trade by more than 1 U.S. cent.
The first time since mid-February the price rose again over $ 1.30. Experts are mainly accounted for the increased risk-taking investors, which – as already in the previous week – the rest can be read many shares. “The positive sentiment holds up in this week, the burden the government bond market,” said Kornelius Purps, strategist at Unicredit.

The investors had the good humor of course depressing economic news does not spoil. The U.S. industrial output fell in February as compared to the previous month by 1.4%, as the U.S. Federal Reserve Fed announced. In addition, the company polluted their machine is just 70.9% from. How little they had in the past 30 years, only once, in December 1982, had to be done. But investors hardly noticed the data, as rising U.S. stock prices showed. Even before the stock market was beginning Fed chief Ben Bernanke said that this year, with one end of the downturn in the U.S. was to be anticipated. “Next year we will experience a recovery,” said the guardian of the currency.

This reinforced the Fed chief the emerging optimism among investors, several large banks in the past week with positive earnings statements had triggered. In recent months, the euro was at investors always popular when they were again somewhat daring, risky investments.

To 19 clock while the euro slid below the mark of 1.30 $. Nevertheless, the common currency with $ 1.2985, an increase of 0.4%. Losers among the currencies, however, alongside the dollar especially the yen. He gave to the euro and the greenback from. The Swiss franc was cheaper. The central bank sold the Alpine republic, according to analysts reiterated their country’s currency, whose value to the key. For the franc euro lost 0.5% on Monday and the dollar 0.1%. Since last week, Swiss central bankers intervene in the foreign exchange market to the strong rise of the franc in the past months to reverse.

For government bonds were especially the prices of U.S. Treasuries from. First, could British papers (Gilts), although still limit their losses. For the second time, bought the Bank of England on Monday on government bonds – this 2 billion pounds (2.2 billion euros). After it was revealed that the Währungshütern only three times as many papers have been offered, as they were ready to buy Gilts slipped even more in the negative. At the first auction were investors still five times as many papers offered.

At the end of the futures lost on ten-year Gilts over 80 points – almost as much as the German counterpart. Ten-year government bonds yield on Monday with 3.14% – an increase of 9 basis points. Gilts raised with the same period from 3.03%, 9 basis points more than the previous day. The yield of U.S. government bonds rose by 6 basis points to 2.95%. Even stronger was the yield increase in 30-year U.S. papers: 9 basis points.

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