Euphoria wave reaches Tokyo

The e-mail from the boss makes after the Wall Street and in Asia for euphoria. In particular, banks benefit from the news that Citigroup again profit. Analysts remain cautious – because there is still a contingency plan to the U.S. government.
In the wake of the U.S. stock markets, the Asian equity markets on Wednesday strongly. Recorded positive news about black figures in the large U.S. bank Citigroup earlier this year caused mainly in financial assets for significant gains. In currency trading, the euro against the dollar after.

The Nikkei index closed 4.55% higher at 7376 meters. The broader Topix gained 2.67% to 722 points. The other major stock exchanges in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai provided in part significantly.

The main reason for the already in Europe and the United States Trade rally started was a letter from Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit, according to which the once world’s largest bank in January and February has turned into a profit. Even internal stress tests with very pessimistic assumptions would have revealed that Citigroup has sufficient capital available, it was in the internal letter.

Toshiba lays down nine percent to
Among the winners in Japan were mainly banks like Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group with a rise of four% and Mizuho Financial Group with a price increase of 5.4%. Analysts remained cautious nonetheless. They pointed to reports showing that the U.S. government continues to contingency plans for a stabilization of Citigroup worked, it was at United Overseas Bank in Singapore.

Toshiba papers submitted more than 9%. A newspaper had earlier reported the company could be in the coming fiscal year an operating profit of around 100 billion yen (approximately 800 million euros) to make. The analysts’ estimates of a loss of 103 billion yen.

The Dow Jones index of the default values had on the eve of the 5.8% increase in 6926 points closed. The broader S & P 500 put on 6.4% to 719 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index climbed as much as 7.1% to 1358 points.

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