Dow Jones closes in negative territory

After four days, the Wall Street the breath: Despite strong gains in the course ended, the U.S. default values in the trade minus. Therefore, high credit losses at American Express.
The U.S. stock markets are on Monday due to bad news from the credit market and exchange rate losses in technology stocks closed weaker. The Dow Jones and S & P 500 index turned in late in the business minus. The default values were 0.1% to 7216 points. The broader S & P 500 lost 0.4% to 753 meters, after he last week had risen as much as since the Second World War no more. The composite index of Nasdaq fell 1.9% to 1404 points.

The reason was mainly a statement of the U.S. credit card provider American Express, whereby the number of credit losses have accelerated in February. Even short-term data on the depressed mood. Financial Title, however, benefited from a communication from the British Barclays Bank has a strong business performance in early 2009. Investors hoped, therefore, to stabilize the badly beleaguered industry.

Negative messages were further from the U.S. economy: The industrial activity in the U.S. state of New York slowed in March as strong as ever. Analysts had expected an increase. The data are considered more reliable indicator for the nationwide development of industry-to-month beginning. Moreover, the central bank with the U.S. industry had its production in February throttled greater than expected. The industry now produces as little as seven years ago last.

A little hope made the remarks on the other hand, the Fed chief Ben Bernanke, the severe recession in the U.S. could end 2009. “Next year we will start to see a recovery,” Bernanke said on Sunday evening, the CBS broadcaster.

The losers included shares of the leading chip manufacturer Intel with a loss of more than 3%. Also the papers of the software manufacturer Oracle fell by 4.2%. Yahoo shares lost 2.2%. Investors worried that the recession in the buying mood of consumers could be a burden.

The papers of American Express closed 3.3% lower. Even the shares of JP Morgan turned to trading and listed in the minus 2.8% lighter. Citigroup shares were on the other hand, their mark-ups: They shot just under 31% in the height. The papers of the Bank of America gained 7.3%. Barclays had previously had good business in the past year and talks about a possible billion dollar sale of a subsidiary reported. Moreover, Europe’s biggest bank HSBC rumors about an allegedly denied needed more capital and thus soothes investors.

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