Dow Jones 30 Industrial

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the best-known stock market barometer of the U.S.. He has already been introduced in May 1896 and listed on the opening day with an initial price of 40.94 points. In the by Charles Henry Dow index launched was initially 12 selected U.S. companies listed. Today, the Dow Jones Industrial, the 30 most important, market-leading companies on the American Stock Exchange and reflected their course development.

Unlike the main German index, the shares in the Dow Jones is not on market capitalization or trading volume weighted but there is a traditional weighted according to the price of securities. The index level is described by a simple averaging of the rates contained in the shares. In addition, dividend payments in the development of the stock market barometer is not included.

About inclusion in the index chosen by an independent commission of the “Wall Street Journal.” The change in the index composition will be made only on demand, there are no fixed rules for a regular review and updating.

On Wall Street trading hours are from 15:30 clock to 22 clock MEZ. During this period, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is calculated each trading day.

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