Dax is fighting for the 3600 points mark

The markets are pessimistic on the weekly Start the Dax tends to 3600 points. There are in Europe, especially bank shares on the sale list of investors, only Deutsche Bank does comparatively well.
The Dax temporarily broke through the threshold of 3600 points down. After a small recovery of the German benchmark index lost 1.2% to 3621 points. The Stoxx 50 lost 2%. The London FTSE 100 was 1.2%, and the Paris CAC 40 fell by 1.7%.

The investors agreed to a selling wave. The Dax fell to a lowest level since October 2003. The mark of 3600 points was in the past week by many engineers as the next chart goal orientation have been called down. In Tokyo the Nikkei fell to its lowest level since 26 years. That polluted the stock market remains gloomy economic outlook on the mood of investors.

At the European stage lost the banking sector. On the list of losers were on the first ten places financial equities: HSBC fell 9.3% from second-order and listed as close to the 13-year low. Barclays shares were 9%, and Royal Bank of Scotland lost 8.6%.

On the German stock market has allowed the Bank shares comparatively well hold: Commerzbank shares lost 0.1% On. The company plans a capital increase at the Dresdner Bank subsidiary. “The Commerzbank board has decided to extend the equity of Dresdner Bank by 4 billion euros to increase,” said a spokesman. This is also the bank alone, the minimum legal requirements of an equity of 4% meet. Recently there were media reports that the Institute only a rate of 3.7% has. The equity of the combined bank quantified the speaker to “well over 10%”. The industry index for banks in the Stoxx 600 fell by 3.7% a. Deutsche Bank gained 0.1% even. Deutsche Bank chief Josef Ackermann said the figures from January positive. “We had the end of January to 2.8 billion euros in revenues. The February, this development confirms the trend,” said Ackermann.

In Dax investors attracted the papers from the supplier. RWE lost 2% and Eon lost 2.5%. Cited were the losers list by Allianz. The stock fell by 3%.

The investors of ThyssenKrupp were a little sigh of relief. According to FTD information is visible in the steel company, a solution of the dispute with Greece. For more than two years, the steel and industrial group with the Greeks in the dispute over the payment of four submarines, and modernization of four additional submarines and six frigates in the former Dutch dispute. “One goal of the negotiations is to be a complete reversal,” it said in informed circles. These are both sides so than if nothing had happened. Investors, however, this message was cold and the paper quoted unchanged. The rival Salzgitter, however, to 1.2%.

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