Crisis, the U.S. labor market in February

The situation on the U.S. labor market is still worse, if the workers with precarious employment and involuntary part-involved. Including these individuals, the rate for the unemployed or under-employed persons in February to 14.8%, almost six percentage points higher than a year ago.

    In the güterproduzierenden industry 276,000 jobs have been eliminated, although within this category of manufacturing 168,000 and 104,000 construction jobs stressed. In the service industry employment fell by 375,000 jobs, while were in the business services sector and 180,000 in the financial sector lost 44,000 jobs. The retail building almost 40,000 jobs, while at the hotel and leisure sector around 33,000 jobs were lost.

    Employment in the temporary employment industry, as an early indicator for the future development is considered to be dropped by nearly 80,000 places. The only increases were in the health sector with 26,900 and the public sector jobs listed with 9.000.

    Economists do not expect any recovery in the U.S. labor market, but on the contrary, fearing a tightening of the downward spiral. By the end of this year, the unemployment rate could be up to 10%.

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