Billions for U.S. automakers

Showdown for GM and Chrysler: Until next Tuesday, the groups presented their concepts for survival. Now, politicians have the glad tidings spread: It is probably fresh money – even as GM for the remediation progress.
The Task Force of the U.S. government wants more funds for the struggling U.S. auto suggest Bauer. It was clear that more assistance was on its way, said Senator Carl Levin from the U.S. state of Michigan, where the biggest U.S. car companies have their headquarters. Commitments for the Opel’s parent General Motors and Chrysler would but with new conditions for the restructuring of the companies linked.

In the coming days will be U.S. president Barack Obama himself strauchelnden on the future of the U.S. auto industry comment. Everyone must realize that the current business model of the car industry is not able to stay. The U.S. government will further support only available if the car companies to a fundamental reorganization in cooperation with the government were ready.

The Taskforce urges manufacturers a revised approach to 31 March, to decide whether the two car makers to compete to work and additional loans of up to 22 billion dollars make sense.

General Motors is in the planned Jobkürzungen forward. Additional 7500 U.S. workers had approved new severance offers, told the group. This is more than ten percent of the unionized shift in the U.S..

Overall, since 2006 would have approximately 60,500 employees accepted severance offers. The current subjects were mostly already in the next few days, left the company. GM wants to deal with the programs, especially older and comparatively expensive employees separated. For some, according to need new workers at far lower wages can be set.

So far, details of the rescue plan, the Government Commission is not known. Employees of the Task Force had indicated an application for creditor protection is not the goal of the effort. GM has more than $ 16 billion in new aid requests, Chrysler $ 5 billion.

The Wall Street Journal reported that in return the government will formulate further conditions and a clear timetable for the remediation up. The Commission would further cuts of management, unions and creditors require. The assistance would also probably not paid directly to a means of exerting pressure to have.

The German Government maintains its support for Opel from concrete rescue plan for GM-dependent. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has rejected an introduction of the state at Opel, but still starting. The German carmaker wants to rescue his mother from the GM to be independent and seek investors.

Recently had already hinted that Washington is not the manufacturer at 31 March would drop. The Task Force will also be the suppliers with $ 5 billion in hand. The company will receive guarantees that products are delivered to be paid. This will also ensure that the car makers continue with the necessary parts are supplied. In addition to U.S. President Barack Obama, the development of hybrid electric cars with $ 2.4 billion to promote. In particular, the future development of better batteries vorgetrieben.

GM has $ 13.4 billion in Notkrediten from the State. A further 2 billion dollars, which the group initially had requested for March, but will now not be needed. With this waiver, the Group also its progress in the restructuring of proof – and therefore the chances of further support from the state increase.

In the last three years at General Motors $ 82 billion in losses accrued, of which $ 30.9 billion in the year 2008. Alone in the fourth quarter of 2008 amounted to minus the producer from Detroit $ 9.6 billion.

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The paragraph goes extremely slow. In the first two months, broke sales of GM alone in the U.S. market in comparison to the previous year by almost half. In March, the sales by GM, according to a similar level as in previous months.

GM CEO Rick Wagoner has repeatedly warned against an insolvency of the group, if the state is not the end of March at the latest new money available. GM plans to clean up the world among other things, the elimination of 47,000 jobs, closing plants and the further separation of the Group brands

Chrysler has $ 4 billion emergency aid the U.S. government will receive and additional $ 5 billion sought. To obtain this support, the partnership with Fiat as central. About Chrysler Fiat wants to access to foreign markets and to technology for smaller and more fuel-efficient cars secure. The Auto-Commission of the U.S. government supports this Alliance, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Of the big three U.S. manufacturers, Ford rejects the government’s support is not necessary, although the company also is in financial difficulties. Ford wants its U.S. business, especially with German models revive. Most products of the Kölner Ford-Werke in the future, even in the U.S. offered. Ford Europe CEO John Fleming said the magazine “Auto Motor und Sport” models Fiesta, Focus and Transit Connect.

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