Big comeback of the little brother

Silver hangs from gold. With bonus papers can investors on a continuation of the upward trends. However, be an incipient recovery in the world believe.
Since the financial crisis, gold stands as a “safe haven” in favor of investors far above. Currently the price quoted for an ounce (31.1 grams), with around 900 $, only about 12.5 percent below the record level of early 2008. In euros, the distance to record less than four percent. Silver can be as far from that. Compared with the peak of more than 21 $ per ounce, the “little brother” currently almost 40 percent depreciated.

In recent weeks, but this trend reversed. Since the beginning of the year is the silver, an increase of almost 15 percent, while the gold with an increase of two percent clearly lagging behind. Almost, it seems as if the investors gradually also significantly cheaper than metal currency crisis discover. That’s true but only partly. The demand for silver coins, although in recent times downright exploding. But it is above all the hope for an economic turnaround, which currently drives the note. Because the industry is silver due to its excellent conductivity of heat and electricity demand.

In a continuation of the upward trend of silver is set with bonus certificates. Because is not clear how long the current dollar strength still persists, investors should be to a paper währungsgesicherten (Quanto) access. To determine the repayment amount will be made here of the silver price one to one of dollars into euros. The security barrier is a level to the last significant low at $ 8.50 in the autumn of 2008. A bonus of the Dresdner Bank paper (ISIN DE000DR2B142) with this same barrier (buffer 34.4 percent) to end at maturity in December 2009, a bonus of 20 euros. That means a return of 22.4 percent or 26.0 percent per year. If the silver price on the bonus levels rise, investors participate fully in profits.

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