Bayer skepticism discouraged investors

Concerns of the U.S. health authority against Bayer Xarelto funds have a price slide of the stock caused. The investors are sensitive to problems with a key product.
The stock lost ten percent to 32.69 euros. That means Xarelto thrombosis in Europe and Canada already available, but still needs the approval in the important U.S. market. It is one of two centrally important new products from Bayer’s pharmaceutical division – in addition to the cancer drug Nexavar.

The sharp price reaction shows how sensitive investors at the first signs of risks in such a key product react. The really important panel of experts to the U.S. FDA to make a recommendation Xarelto there meets only on Thursday. On Tuesday gave FDA employees from Voreinschätzung.

They have led to evidence that Xarelto about twice as often accompanied by dangerous bleeding may be so far as the leading competing product Lovenox, Sanofi-Aventis. They assessed the risk of bleeding but still considered to be low – and certified the pill at the same time highly effective. Xarelto be blood clots after major surgery to prevent.

Bayer developed the drug together with Johnson & Johnson, whose two percent share nachgab. Both groups were confident the concerns of the professionals yet to dissipate.

The risk that the FDA Xarelto to fail, is still considered low. Pharmaceutical experts of the bank JP Morgan estimated at five percent – but they also tend to risk possible side effects to the liver had seen. They praise the U.S. marketing Xareltos to 6 euros in shares.

The FDA is often but not always in accordance with the vote of the panel session on Thursday. In Germany, Boehringer Ingelheim, a major competitor to Xarelto: Pradaxa, which in Europe are also authorized.

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