AIG managers give bonuses back

The Board, it was embarrassing, and even the U.S. president was angered by the managers bonuses worth millions. Now let AIG leaders to give back their bonuses – at least some of them. Previously had death threats received from the bankers.
Under the impression of public outcry over bonuses at ailing insurance company AIG, some managers began to spend the money at least partially returned.

CEO Edward Liddy announced on Wednesday (local time) with angry members of Congress that he was the recipient of bonus payments of more than $ 100,000 requested to return at least half. Barney Frank, chairman of the Finance Committee, asked Liddy for the release of the names of those who had received bonuses. Liddy refused, however, with reference to the security of the AIG manager. Some of the bankers had previously received death threats.

A total of $ 165 million for the controversial additional benefits granted, although the group is only $ 170 billion of state aid received.

The Democrats in Congress now want to bring in a bill that bonus payments at the American International Group and other recipients of state aid to 90 percent as a tax to the state must be paid.

He was upset about the bonuses, said Liddy. Therefore, he had the recipients of larger sums of money to repay at least half. Subsequently, some receivers on the entire amount waived.

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that he tries not to anger the public about the affair to rest. “I think people have a right to be angry,” said Obama. “I am too.”

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