AIG Bonuses

America has a new national sport: the abuse of public managers in the financial scene. The fact that for years pent anger about arrogance and irresponsible actions depleted, as is well understood correctly. The call to murder or suicide is more than just a step too far.
Charles “Chuck” Grassley is Republican through and through. At the same time, the senator from Iowa is the most important representative of his party in the Finance Committee of the U.S. Congress. And: He is an arsonist of the worst variety. Grassley, the former manager of the insurance giant American International Group (AIG), the only thanks to the $ 180 billion cost of government assistance in this life is aufgeordert either resign or to commit suicide – but best to do both.

With his martial claim Grassley is not alone. Reported AIG CEO Edward Liddy, on Wednesday at a hearing before the Congress of death threats against employees of the insurer.

No question: AIG has its financial sector in high-risk market for credit insurance (credit default swaps, CDS) is far too big wheel rotated. The Group is in fact dead but he shall not die, because then the world’s financial markets would collapse – probably harder than after the bankruptcy of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008.

Likewise, it is certain that the former group’s top – especially the former CEO Maurice “Hank” Greenberg – deserves contempt. Your ranged piefige the insurance business is exceeded, so began the great Zockerei with CDS. This is reprehensible, it costs the American taxpayers billions and should, if possible, civil and criminal consequences.

However, those should also fear the law teach that a blood vendetta, or hara-kiri for the only consequence of the super-lopsided hold. Who to call murder or suicide, is either not in their senses or brutalized in an environment grew. In any case, he risks a Pogromstimmung to produce.

That is like bloodthirsty Americans have many reasons: traditionally lax handling of the firearm, without which American history is unthinkable. The almost unrestricted access to weapons of all kinds And a president at the helm, during his eight-year tenure the country with the fueling of fear reigns and a case for the collective motion to the psychiatrist did.

Nevertheless, the financial managers who pride and greed – two of the seven deadly sins – accused, but calls for revenge and retribution – that is another deadly sin – which is equally stupid and worthy of contempt as the AIG managers themselves, the elucidation of the matter is not served. The understandable desire of revenge of the people should still by the law are met, not through violence. At this point put parts of America still seems to be always deeply established in the Middle Ages.

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